iOS App - Generally buggy and inconsistent experience

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I have been trying to make the Week Plan iOS work for me and have noticed a number of issues in terms of an inconsistent experience and being buggy. Things like calendar not being the same as on Web, I have badge notification but no idea what they are for, boards do not sync properly etc. 

After reading through a few forum posts I get the impression the iOS app is somewhat a 'subcontracted out' solution. Although I could be wrong(?). 

Question is - does Week Plan intend on investing in iOS app to improve functionality and align better with Web experience?

iOS app

Agree, iOS app is not consistent with the Web one despite the fact that personal planner must be portable and easy to use at any moment.

WeekPlan team, please pay attentions to it: personal planner portability is a crucial feature.


Thanks Tim

@Weekplan - if you need specifcs on the issues/needed improvements...please feel free to reach out

Ana Loraine
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We truly appreciate the feedbacks on the ios app. 

Our team acknowledged these issues by creating the app from scratch. The current version available is from an independent ios dev and we will be releasing a new version very soon. 

We ask for your patience as we are on the final stage of testing everything out and getting App store's approval.


Looking forward it, exciting stuff