Marking a task as complete in the parking lot

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If I mark a task complete in the parking lot you should ask me what day it was completed.  Then promote it to the week plan&do module. I don't want completed tasks in my parking lot. I want them in a history on the day that I completed them. When I clean up my parking lot periodically I find tasks that I completed weeks ago and I want to "give myself credit" for those but I don't want them recorded today, I want them stricken through and archived on the calendar day I did them (which I could provide.  You would put today's date as default and I could edit it before committing to a historical date. The task would then leave the parking lot and go to the date I said (today or history) and persist as a completed item.


Agreed. I have a task to automatically promote a completed task to today if it is in the parking lot.

Also, we are about to allow the ability to pick a date for a task that in the parking lot. So you will be able to cover your scenarios like this.

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