Pane Layout Change?

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Has your pane layout changed recently or have I done something by mistake. I used to thee the week and below, my roles, followed by the boards. Now the roles are to the left of the week and the boards are on a second tab. Do I have the option to revert?

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There is no option to revert. Why would you like to revert?


I really don't like the new pane layout either. And its pretty frustrating that WeekPlan changes randomly without any notification or reason for it. Now all the tasks are just mingled in some random order instad of in the different roles that were. This is pretty annoying when I've used the other design for many years. What is the benefit of this change?

Actually, let me be more specific. I like the boards being on a separate tab. The problem with having the roles on the left hand side rather than underneath, is that if I have a long list of unscheduled tasks for a particular role (such as my job - lot of small tasks), the other roles are no longer on the screen unless I scroll and I can no longer see at a glance, the larger picture across all my roles. Does it make sense?

Also, I liked the way the days of the week collapsed as they passed, allowing me to focus on the present day and the rest of the week.

I am adding to this post a note that I find it even harder to work with the new HIT list on the left hand side, without a view of all my tasks, by role. I think I get what you are trying to do, but I am really missing the overall picture of ALL my task - priorities change from day-to-day and it is hard now to update the HIT list accordingly. 

Is this the final iteration for this upgrade? I hope not, because I haven't been able to use your tool (which I absolutely LOVED and recommended before) since you started changing it.


Also vote revert change or put it as optional .... I really prefer old layout  where board, roles and calendar are on same page .. I would like some option to rollback this new layout .. 


Me too....when I did the trial, I was using the old format.  I logged on a couple of weeks ago to try the system again but couldn't since my trial expired.  But, based on my notes from my earlier trial, I purchased an Ultimate subscription.  I almost immediately regretted it based on the new format but decided to give it a few weeks.  Well, I'm not impressed.  Way to many clicks and page changes to do what I want to do now.  Too many screens to visit to see all my tasks. 

I realize you need to innovate and evolve, but this new format doesn't seem like an upgrade.