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The new layout seems to be a lot harder to use. Can you please bring back the ability to drag and drop takes between days and anywhere we want to put it. I do like the calender.option to choose the day but also bring back drag and drop. Also its easier to also have ability to scroll between weeks vs having to find in calendar the week. 

I highly recommemd you look into the bullet journal model and integrate parts of it to your app. 

It's also a lot easier when you have a list that appears behind the week tasks showing me all unassigned tasks for week which I would like to easily be able to drag and drop to a specific day. Having the list showing at all times is very helpful. 

Thank you 

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The new layout doesn't seem to be practical at all and make it hard to keep balance



I actually do like the new layout. I like that I have the HIT's in front of the week. And it is easy to transfer tasks from my board to HIT's and from there to my Schedule. I believe the idea is that when you plan, you first define your HIT's (from a brainstorm or from a board). After you have defined the most important tasks, you then schedule them. I think the new layout makes that easier. 

Unfortunately, I run into some (temporarily?) issues as well. 

  1. In the newly Plan of The week pane on the left hand side I seem to miss one of my roles (Self). 
  2. I am able to remove a task from the Plan of the week pane, but after a while or after a refresh, the removed tasks are back in the Plan of the week pane. I tried to edit one of those tasks in the task edit mode (changing urgency or importancy, changing list, in 'date' screen pushing the button 'Remove from week', but nothing seems to work. I don't think that's the way it should work, so I think it's a bug. It makes it very difficult to plan my week. 

Hope you can fix these problems. If you do, I think the new lay-out works great for me. 

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In addition: this behavior is the same for Chome and firefox on my windows machine. 

Support Team
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Regarding missing role "Self" - if user has any HIT associated to role then "Add Hit as (role name)" is not displayed


Thanks for the feedback on that issue. I remove everything from the HIT panel and my roles were added back. It still didn't show my self role, but then I saw I completed 2 'self' HIT"s. When I uncompleted them and removed them, the 'self' role came up. 

So, the new Plan of the week panel shows you for which roles you didn't add a HIT for this week yet. That fits well with your filosophy to add a HIT for every role :) Thanks!

Hope you can fix (or explain how I should use the function of) my other issue regarding the inability to remove HIT's from my 'Plan of the week'

Keep up the good work!

Support Team

Regarding removing tasks from HITs we will release fix for this soon. Thanks for reporting problem.


Quote from Support Team

Regarding removing tasks from HITs we will release fix for this soon. Thanks for reporting problem.

Please see my original comment that I opened thread with. Can you please bring back the drag and drop fewture? The app is much harder to use now. Also can you look into the bullet journal system and see if you would implementing into this app? Also can you create a hit when using the iPhone app? Thank you