Auto-sort prioritized/classified ("A1, A2, B1, C3" etc.) daily tasks upon save.

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Hi Aymeric - WeekPlan keeps getting BETTER!  I love even using it on my iPad and iPhone.  This is more of a wish list item.  But I categorize daily using the standard A1, A2, B1, C1 etc. method.  When I label these as such (with : "+ Space"), it would be nice if they would self-sort rather than list at the bottom.  Then I have to go manually drag into place to rearrange.  I don't mind doing so certainly for a free programme, so this is merely a minor wish list item as everything else is awesome.  WP so completely ROCKS!!!

Ana Loraine
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I agree with Gyalten. I'd like to be able to sort tasks in the Windows and Android apps, as well as the website, by using the A1, B2, C3 method. Or at least, in the Android app, be able to click and drag to reorder the tasks within each level of priority. I see that his Idea is 2 years old, and that will it says there has been a reply and it is "Completed" there is no text in the reply to let us know what, if anything, Weekplan is doing to implement this.