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After upgrading to the latest version of the app, I'm forced to login to my Google account and use a trial version of a subscription model. Why is this? And what happened to all my tasks I had? They're now completely gone. If I log out of my account, all I can do is login. 

iOS app
Ana Loraine
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Thank you for reaching out.

We are sorry to hear about this. May we ask if you are able to sign up before or log in on the web version before the latest version of the ios app was released?


Thanks for getting back with me so quickly. I don’t think so though my wife had access to the app too. Before the new version was released, did we have to login to share the app with multiple users who could input tasks? 

I don't recall ever using a web version.


I tried resetting my password but every time I'm re-directed to the login screen after I submit. Please advise? Account should be ryan@bidinger.us or possibly ryanandbrooke@bidinger.us.