The app closes when I open it now, after recent update 2/26

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After downloading the MyWeek update on 2/26, the app closes now when I open it. How can this big be fixed? I run iOS 7 (do I need to upgrade to 8?) on iPhone 5S
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I have let the developer of the app know, he will answer you in this thread.
My Week (iPhone App)
This is a bugg for iOS 7 and a fix is already on the way. Just waiting for apple's approval of the update, that usually takes between 5-10 days. Updating to iOS 8 also solves the problem.

If you send me your e-mail you can become a beta tester and access the updated version directly.
Thanks! All is well now! Love the app!
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Quote from Berkh
Thanks! All is well now! Love the app!
You're welcome, Berkh!  Feel free to drop us a line or 2 if you need any additional help.  Thank you!