Scaling task height according to time allocated which is easy to do and much more visually friendly

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Dandy Ling Kwong
This is something that I do with my current planner (paper-based), I always scale the task according to the time needed.  I find this more visually intuitive as I can tell at a glance what are the items that take the most effort (and usually the important one) in the list.

It also allows me to search for item to finish quickly (e.g. calling my mum which takes 30 minutes) whenever I feel like in the mode of clearing up tasks.
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Hi Dandy, thanks for the great explanation!

I am planning to do a "day planner" view where you can see your task in a hours breakdown. I think it will be appropriate to scale height based on the task duration in that view. Thanks for the great suggestion!

Boo L.
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