I like the majority of your Weekplan; however, I want a place to draw tasks from (i.e. Masterplan from the Wheel of Life concept). Something that would have everything you already have and a place to plan and derive some sense of achievement from.

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You are bank on with the reference to setting priorities as well as being productive; its in the values! Less is more! Our goal is to make better choices in life by knowing what is truly important to us, and focusing on that with laser-like focus and attention. Something for you to think about.
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I am not familiar with the wheel of life masterplan concept. Could you explain it to me or give me the address of a page explaining it?

For long term planning, you could use the outliner (extension)

Isn't that the same concept as the Parking Lot? I just label them as quadrants and add Someday, Waiting for, and To Read. I place tasks that are not scheduled or are in the future there. During the week they are active, I drop them under the role they are associated with and then up to the scheduled day.

Ana Loraine
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