Option to display Action Plans always (Objectives Section)

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Hi Weekplan

Whenever I leave the Objectives page and then return, I have to reset "Show Action Plan". 

I would like to have to option to always show the Action Plan in the Objectives sections. 

Can we please have it so that I can choose to always show this?


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Ok we will consider that as the feature. Thanks for your suggestion.

Bob Hudman

Thanks Dev Team

Maybe a toggle (on/off) that saves the user preference. 

Quote from Bob Hudman

Thanks Dev Team

Maybe a toggle (on/off) that saves the user preference. 

That's probably something we can implement fairly easily.

How do you use the action plans? (We are working on a redesign and looking at improving the Objectives section)

Bob Hudman

Hi Aymeric

Apologies for the delayed responses. Really great to hear that Weekplan are continuing to invest in developing the product. Yes, have some ideas that I think would really help the objectives section. As follows...first one is the biggest for me....

  1. I don't like Objectives carrying over to the next quarter into the future automatically at all. What if comes to the next quarter and I don't want to continue with that Objectives (even if its incomplete)? If I delete it then it removes all previous history, if I don't then its cluttering my Objectives section (forever). This transfer should not be automatic...rather a clean slate each quarter with a button for "Import Objective from Previous Quarter". Within that import you get to choose which ones to import (and which to not), and it should give you the option to import without KRs and HITs.
  2. I seem unable to select HITs to be on some weeks and not others...appears Weekplan will only accept HITs in a continuous sequence. Or is there a trick to this I am missing?
  3. Option to keep action plans always showing (as per original comment above. Currently I have to turn it back on every time you leave and return to the Objectives section. I always want it on. 
  4. Ability to have HITs with an occurrence on more than just weekly. Would like to be able to schedule these to be bi-weekly, daily etc. Also would be good to have the option to auto-populate the day of the week (if they are weekly), eg. Every Wednesday for the weeks selected. 
  5. Ability to redefine the quarters. Currently its traditional Jan-March, April-June etc. While this is logical I would like to realign these myself at times. 
  6. It may also be useful to change the duration of objective planning section. if I wanted to set to a bi-annual planning process and make each objective section a 6 month for example. 
  7. Weighting on KRs against the Objectives...some KRs provide more impact than others on attaining objectives. 

I hope this helps, happy to run through it in more detail.