How to uncheck "Edit only the current instance ..." checkbox of a high impact task?

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I created a recurring task called TMS and wanted to change its title, update its role and objectives but it's not letting me do it for all tasks as the checkbox for "Edit only the current instance ..." is grayed out and checked. I need to uncheck it but I don't see a way to do and now I see that same task is truly recurring in its nature for part of the week (Thur to Sun) but all other instances of it (Mon - Wed) seem to be somehow separate instances... 

I'm sure I'm missing something as I just started using the App, so please advise. 


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Once you edited any recurring task while "Edit only the current instance" is checked, that updated as a single event and loose its recurrence. If you want's t edit the other instance, select the one which is still in not updated in single one. Edit that instance, make sure the "Edit only the current instance" is not checked and update it. It will update all the instance.