There seems to be a bug in the Android app. I can't edit, drag or delete any task on the inbox

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Android app
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Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for reporting the issue. Drag and drop feature is not available in mobile devices yet. Our devs are working on it however you should be able to add /edit & delete task. You will see the edit dialog on clicking the task. May I know which android device you are using and the version of android please. May I ask for the screenshot or video recording of the issue if possible. 

We appreciate your patience. 


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I'm working with a similar problem. using android app on Samsung Note10 and Tab S6.

Using chrome on android tablet & have an arrow toadd inbox items to a board but no way to edit role or objective prior to moving. The andriod app has no functionalityotherthan checking off completion.