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TL/DR: integrate evernote by using a tag like SWIPES does (tag idea "weekplan")

I am starting to organize my life with evernote and am trying to keep all of my class notes and assignments in evernote. I add a reminder to the assignments so that I know what I have to do and can find the information easily. SWIPES a todo app integrates with evernote by incorporating any note with a tag "swipes" into the SWIPES todo list, it also pulls the checkboxes in the note and makes them sub-tasks.
If you could integrate evernote into this in a similar way I would be very appreciative. I have already purchased a year of the pro plan because of how much improvement you have done with this app and how well thought out the features are. I love the time tracking, the pomodoro timer, and how the tasks for one project are grouped and hidden until you check the task before it.
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Hi Robert,

I wonder if you could get what you want using the existing integration. Zapier is an online tool that can connect Evernote and WeekPlan together.

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Hi Aymeric and Week Plan team!

I hope I am not hijacking this thread as this is not my thread originally.

I did want to chime in though: I too am learning to use Evernote to organize everything for me (along with all its portable apps). I am trying to use zapier for integration but I find it buggy (it keeps recreating the same tasks in a loop, and when I woke up this morning I had 64 identical tasks for example). Their pricing is also quite prohibitive, particularly for a service that has yet to deliver on its promises for me (compared to IFTTT for example). I know this pricing isn't of your doing but I just wanted to explain why Zapier isn't working for me, thus far.

Thanks for all your work!


I am an Evernote Certified Consultant and would love the ability to sync notes for Evernote to Week Plan. @RobertMcKee, as a work around, you can copy a public link to the Evernote note and paste it in the note section of a task created in Week Plan.


Syncing with Colour Notes would be nice also

Boo L.
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