Duplicate notifications on Android with Google sync

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I'm getting duplicate notifications on Android. The events which are pulled from Google calendar are getting there usual notification from my calendar app, but now also from weekplan. 

It makes no sense to get notifications from my regular calendar events in weekplan as this is not a calendar manager app (doesn't have the advanced functionality).

How to disable the weekplan Android notifications for pulled calendar events?

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Hi! there,

Weekplan shows the notifications for all the upcoming tasks/event. If users want to see their Google or Outlook or both Calendar tasks/events  & Weekplan tasks/events at one place they use synchronization feature. 

The notifications settings, however, you can off anytime from your phone settings.

Go to the Sounds & notification >> App notifications >> WeekPlan and then choose the desired option. 

Let me know if it doesn't help. Thank you for your time.




That's right, forgot I can disable notification with android itself. Thanks!

Still, it is a little akward that I have to do this. Would be a good to make it a feature to be able disable notifications for pulled events.


Hmmm, no, this is not solution, because I DO want notifications for events created by weekplan itself, but not from "imported" events. With the proposed workaround I would disable them all.

The other way around does not work correctly. I cannot set specific notifications on a weekplan created event, that it would notify me through my normal calendar app.

And a side-note: just got a notification from the weekplan app for an pulled event which did not have a notification set at all!

All in all it looks like the notification functionality on the Android weekplan app is buggy...