My priorities are not being forwarded to the next diy and most of them are missing. What can I do to recover them? Who do I call?

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Correction; I have the Ultimate plan. My priorities are not forwarding to the next day and most of them disappear each day. 

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Hi, is the option in your team settings set to auto roll over the tasks to the next day?

Missing tasks: generally it means you have some filtering on, or that you have created a different account.

Could it be it?


Thank you for your email response. I deleted my other team member and reset everything and it seems to be working well now. I’m not sure why I lost many of my scheduled tasks, and the ones I found did not automatically roll over to the next day? I had originally set it up to do that and t had been working flawlessly up until this last weekend. But a reset and manually entering my tasks again seems to have resolved the issue. 

Thank you again. 

Scott Suddoth
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