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Hi there, I'm loving the app during the trial period. I was forced to stop using pagico because of major sync problems and losing data. 

I'm having similar issues with week plan unfortunately. At first inspection, it seems that only tasks that are linked to a 'List' are appearing on the iPhone app, and only for today. No other tasks are appearing on the schedule on any day. I do hope it's something I've missed rather than ongoing sync issues, fingers crossed!

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Hi Joe,

May I ask the app version and the iPhone version you are using? It would be great if you share some screenshot of the issue.

Thank you!




I've found the problem Geeta. if the week starts on Sunday all data sync is gone. if the week starts on monday sync is functional.


This also fixed my issue - more details:

When changing Team settings, Start of the Week, when you select Sunday, it causes the week view to screw up. Additionally, when you go back to the Team Settings page, you see "Start of the Week" as "Select..." (blank, effectively). Choosing Monday fixes the issue.

However, I'd really like to use Sunday as the start of my week. Please fix. :)

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This issue is fixed. Let me know if you still face the problem. 

Thank you!