Can't assign a role to Outlook events

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Events that I create on Outlook cannot be assigned a role; the role appears briefly, then switches back to No Role. I see that t3rry.d3nsmor3 had the same problem and that it's marked as Fixed, but I see the same thing on both the web app (Firefox on Ubuntu 18.10 and 14.10) and the desktop app for Windows 10.

Web app

Update: an event I just created on the Outlook web app can be assigned to a role, but an event I created on the Outlook desktop app for Windows 10 cannot.


Update Deux: the event that I cannot assign to a role was an event that someone else invited me to via Outlook (DK which platform) and that I accepted using the desktop for Windows app. A similar event that I created on the desktop app and invited someone else to was successfully assigned to a role.


I have the same issue with tasks imported from Google calendar.

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What is happening is that we mark some tasks as readonly, because we can't update them in GCal or Outlook. Week Plan should definitely allow to edit the task on Week Plan though. We are aware of this issue, I have asked a dev to look into this.

  • Fixed

 Should be fixed some time ago.