google calendar still needs to be re-triggered....

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Sync beteween WP and Gcalendar works not 100% well.

I found that about 30% of time closed task in WP is not mirrored in Gcalendar and viceversa.

To make it working well i need to manually trigger synchronisation from Team setting page

It's long time that WP has this behaviour, i hoped for a revision in upgrades but  i have'nt seen any. 

windows and web app

Web app
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Thank you for reporting the issue. We are looking into it.

Your patience will be highly appreciated. 




We recently deployed this fix. Can you please confirm if it is working for you? 


Geeta, unfortunately it does'nt work!

please check my attachments that show my gcalendar and weekplan even after a resync process



appointment on 4/dec @15.00 is still active when in WP has been flagged has done


appointment closed in in Gcal on 5/dec@11.00 (no more appearing in calendar), is still present unflagged in WP


Hi there, 

We have recently released the new calendar sync improvements. Most of the glitches should be resolved now. If you are still facing any issue with it please let us know. Your feedback will be much appreciated.

Thank you so much for the patience with us and understanding.