I keep having error 405

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Everytime I add a new task I get error 405

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Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce this issue although other people have reported it. Could you please describe what other operations you have done before adding a task that prompted a 405 error?


I've been having the same issue very frequently. This issue typically comes up after creating a NEW task. If I update or edit a task I very rarely get the 405 issue.

If I log out and then log back in the issue usually stops for a while. Alternatively if I move to a new network on my laptop and create a task, I almost always error out... so maybe something is going wonky with user session variables?

Another thing to note, when I get the 405 creating a new task, the task still always create and saves. So once I hit the reload button my task is there, even though it gave me a 405 error right after attempting to create the task.


I'm using google chrome Version 47.0.2526.111 in case that helps out troubleshooting

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The fix has been deployed. You shouldn't get this error anymore. Thanks for letting us know!