How to move tasks between teams ?

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I recently added a team and wish to move existing tasks to that team.  Is that possible?

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Hi there, 

At the moment switching tasks between teams is not possible but I can forward this idea to Aymeric (Founder of the WeekPlan)  if he considers it to add in the backlog list. 



That would be great :)



I'd like to re-open this.

Its come up again.

I'm n a new project and have been creating tasks and organizing.  I've come to the point where I want to invite others onto a new team.

I have a board with about 30 Tasks across 5 lists (approx) that I need to be in the new team before I invite everyone. 

To do this all manually is probably 30min to recreate all tasks.  I will try to fit this in; however the longer I go, the less chance it has of happening.

This also means the less chance of new users on WeekPlan.

I would suggest it as a very good feature for both users & revenue !