Planner screen not scrolling

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Planner screen is locked and not scrolling.

Android app

Never mind.  It's working now.

  • Not a bug

Thank you for confirming us however we will monitor this random issue.  For now, I am closing this ticket but feel free to open a new if you face the same problem again.

Thanks again. 



Antoni Ruszkowski

maybe it is not a bug but it is very hard to scroll planner on mobile. only 1-2 on the right part of the screen gives possibility to scroll. why is that?


It seems you can only scroll with your finger placed on the top center of the screen. Scrolling with your finger put anywhere else on the screen and nothing happens.

Hello. I had the same scrolling "problem" when I started using the Android mobile app. The scrolling was erratic if I place my finger in the center of the screen.  So I hated using the mobile app.  But one day, I accidentally found out that if I place my finger on the edge of the screen, the scrolling worked PERFECTLY!!  This technique works on the left or right edge (Samsung Note 10).  I hope this helps someone :)


aah - perfect! Thank u for that - i have had the same problem and now it works fine!! 

Support Team

We have released some improvements to scrolling on mobile app recently. Please note that you cannot start scrolling on task container so it is better to anchor scrolling on left or right side of mobile application.

Hello Weekplan developers... if you make future improvements to scrolling, it would be more intuitive if a user can place his/her finger ANYWHERE on the screen to scroll, not just the edges.  Thank you!

Support Team

Many thanks for suggestions