pin high impact tasks

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It would be great if we could pin the High Impact Tasks so that it doesn't collapse or disappears after doing something - to facilitate multiple changes. .... Right now if you want to make a bunch of entries/changes to HIT area while looking at the planner or boards - you lose it  and have to bring it up again ....

Web app
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The high impact task list can be accessed with the planner view without closing it now. 


Nice!  Thank you for taking it on.  One thing I wasn't sure how it was suppose to work is the use case where I pull an item from the HIT list and drop it onto the planner for a specific day.   Then I realize I grabbed the wrong item or I changed my mind and want to put it back on the HIT list.  I am not able to drag it back without first editing the task and removing the date.  In this case when I save the task I of course lose the focus on the HIT list after it saves and it takes me back to just the planner and I lose the pinned HIT.  I assume this is intended behaviour?  Also how does one use the MOVE when you edit?  e.g I want to move it to the HIT list.  It sometimes help in that it gives me the ability to remove a date when I edit the task but it is a 2 step process - Move to HIT list then edit task to remove the date to default back to the HIT list.  Otherwise in those cases there is no obvious way to edit or remove the date to default back to the HIT list.  Intended behavour?

Thanks again for looking at this.