all the tasks are one hour off when sync with google calendar, and I'm pretty sure I set both app with same time zone. Any solutions?

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Hi, where does the problem exist? Is it on calendar view, planner view or both?

simon ren

Actually, the time is correct on week plan, but it shows one hour ea

rlier when  week plan push the task to google calendar. Please take look on attached snip shot weekplan.PNG

Support Team

Thanks for details - we will check that


I have the same issue when I want to export it to Outlook (2010) at work via ical. I usually adjust my timezone from Amsterdam (+1 or +2) to G.M.T. (no daylightsavings) right before I export my data via ical. Then the ical feed is correctly displayed when imported in Outlook. After I moved the tasks from my ical feed to my regular work-calendar, I change the timezone back to Amsterdam (+1 or + 2, depending on daylight savings). 

In weekplan it shows correctly, but when exporting, it seems like it's using a different timezone or something like that.



Chris Dunne

Having the same problem here. Has there been any update to this?


We are going to release a new version in the coming week with more stable sync. I hope it will resolve then.

Your patience will be highly appreciated.