Eisenhower Prioritization removed??

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The reason why I had started using Weekplan was the Eisenhower Quadrant view of urgent vs important tasks. I had it available until recently, but it appears it was removed from the feature set entirely--curiously Aymeric stated its removal already >1 year ago...?

Aymeric (Founder) 1 year ago

Hi, I took the decision to remove because few people were using it. Can you describe how you use it?

Is this a permanent decision or rather an A/B test to validate needs? It'd be a shame if it was indeed removed as it would make Weekplan unusable for me...

Many thanks for your consideration,


Web app

hi - its still there - check the top right - in the views ... 

Thank you, Ethan, this is my screenshot--I'm missing what you're highlighting though...
hmmmm .... i'm in the win 10 desktop version

Michael Wirth
As I'm using Weekplan.net across multiple devices I can only use it in the Web browser--doing so on several machines and browser types makes no difference, I am unable to access the Eisenhower view anymore...
Hello Ethan, so have you concluded that there is no issue with the Win10 desktop application, however the Web version does no longer support my viewing the Eisenhower display?
Many thanks,