Anyway to get around google calendar issue?

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has anyone been able to sync their calendar? seeing this verification issue, when i select them and hit save for "push/pull" it doesn't save

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Jackson Foo

no, and the devs don't care

Support Team
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Hi, it is no about devs who don't care but about Google who is doing verification for 4 weeks. We are also upset about that and it shouldn't take maximum two weeks from now.

We are really sorry for that.


I have been struggling with this, but I found that if I select the 'login' option instead of sign up using google, I can access the web app.

If users still aren't able to access the web app using Google to sign in, could you perhaps give them access using the email/password login instead? 

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Our sincere apologies for following up with this. Google login issue should be fixed now. You should be able to login with Google. You can update your password from account settings and can access your account with just Email (Google email) and password. 

Let me know if you still have issue with it. 

Thank you!




This issue should be fixed