Firefox Extensions in development?

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I see there are Chrome Extensions.  I am working hard to get off of the Google-Verse.

Are there any plans for FireFox extensions?

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We have only a chrome extension available for now. Thank you for your suggestion though. 

I will forward this to our team. It may not be a priority at the moment but it will be useful as a reference to future updates.


John . Smith

Any news on this?

...Because I am trying to use Google much less these days.

This is partly because I do not think that it is ethical for any one company to store so much data about each of us. Probably about 5GB (i.e. the equivalent of c1.5 MILLION s Word documents) for each of us....

AND I just discovered taht they keep a copy of everything you delete!



Couldn't agree more.

FYI ->

this is a fast up and coming WhatsApp replacement that is supported by the EFF !


I have submitted our main Week Plan extension to the Firefox marketplace. Waiting for it to be approved.