Edited Google Calendar Repeated Events Show up as duplicated events in weekplan

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I created a repeating event in Google calendar (e.g. M, W weekly for forever). Some time later also in Google calendar, I edited an instance of that repeated event to start or end later  as well as the title of the event ---  only for that instance (e.g. y Feb 5th instance only, not future or previous events). My guess is that WeekPlan is getting two copies of this event for that day and does not correctly handle this case. All of this was done before syncing was done.

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Hi there,

May we ask for the screenshots of the issue, please?

Thank you for your patience. 


I had the same issue - or similar, at least. I suddenly had a mass of events in different calendars and for different times - 

I somehow figured out what it seems to be about (but simply didn't have the time to go into it much deeper...😩) - some kind of duplication through these push/pull-Settings. My events from the (pulled) calendar "Kalender" showed up in the (pulled) calendar "Time Map" again... Very annoying!!! 


Thank you for reporting it. We are soon releasing a new version including calendar fixes.  We will get back to you soon with an update.

Your patience will be highly appreciated.