Time & durations for google calendar events in Calendar view not showing up correctly

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I have a 25 minute event at 12pm (synced from Google Calendar)  showing up as an hour event starting at 11.30am. See screenshot:

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Thank you for reporting this issue. We will be back soon with an update. 



You can witness even more weired things on the screenshots displayed: see the calendar entries „Nita Case study“ and „Product & Marketing Team Meeting“ on tuesday 31st. Both display to be beginning at 8h beneath the meeting title/name. But in the schedule they are displayed at 7:30h and 9am. 

This happens to me all the time. This bug makes the schedule view almost useless for me. I therefore would appreciate if you could solve/explain this soon.

Many thanks in advance,



Thank you for all the details. 

We recently released a new version with this fix. Could you please confirm if is also fix for you. 

Thank you.


This seems to be fixed now. Thanks.

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