Not liking new layout at all. Doesn't work well on all my different platforms. Want old one back please.

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Hi Chip, please let me know what doesn't work so that I can fix things...
hello Aymeric¡¡¡

yes... I agree with Mr. Smith...
new layout is very confusing and is not so clean as the old one... I think that with the lateral bar option was enough...

the explicit appearence of parking lot and goals of the week eats one third of the screen and bothers a lot...

ok Aymeric..
hope we could return to the old fashion Week Plan..

thanks for your constant attention¡¡¡
Chip Smith

I did lay out my problems in a different forum to Aymeric with details and screenshots. It looks like he can't give us the option to toggle back to the previous version. He also said that I needed to upgrade my other platforms Android OS because he would have to reprogram for an older Android OS. I tried to but received back the message on both my tablet and phone, which are only a year old, that both systems were up to date. It's funny because I use over 20 apps a day on those devices and constantly update those apps without any issues like I am having with the new version of Week Plan. Aymeric suggested to me to quit and find another app to use because Week Plan was frustrating me so. So, I did. It is called Trello and I used it to set my roles, goals, task, Values and Vision, all of which seamlessly coordinates on the calendar function. One of the reasons I liked the previous version of Week Plan was it functioned much like Trello, but also gave me a great analysis tool, which Trello does not. I will miss that feature, but already I am back on track accomplishing my roles and goals and not wasting time helping to get all the bugs out of the new version of Week Plan. I wish Aymeric and Team all the best, but the previous version was much easier to use then the new one and maybe one day it will be that way again. Until then,
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sorry... forgot to answer..
first of all: sorry Aymeric

now I understand and really like the new fashion of week plan...

just android app does not work...
google keep is extremely fast..

I think these are two differnt technologies

best wishes, and thanks a lot for your support