Clicking on any task brings up the edit menu with no way to close it without having to actually edit each task

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Any time you click on any tasks the small edit menu shows up and there is no way to hide it without having to double click on the task (that I had no intention of editing) and then clicking save just to have the small menu disappear.     

Edit menu also shows up any time you rearranging the tasks or moving them between roles or objectives and stays on top until one of the tasks is opened and save clicked.

I apologize if I am missing necessity for the current behavior.

Having a way to hide it would be very efficient.  Possibly one "single" click on the task in question bringing up this menu and second "single" click would hide it, double click opening it up to the edit as it is now. This way there would not be a need to open actual tasks and click save.  Not having to do that after most task operations would make it flow easier.

  Is there a way to click on this edit menu and have it disappear whenever it is not needed.  I am using Microsoft Edge (chromium based).

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Hi there, 

thanks for sharing your feedback. I forwarded this to the team to make this experience better and user friendly. Please feel free to reach out with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share.