Task disappeared when moving it to backlog

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I have moved my task from "Scheduled" to "Parking log -> Someday". I see the action being awkward in my journal:

"Task moved 2020-12-15 23:00 to"

The task is nowhere and doesn't show in the search results even when I enter exact title.

The problem occurred for the second time for me that i know of. First one was with "Task moved 2020-12-12 23:00 to". Symptoms are the same. The thing is just lost.

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Hi there, 

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. May I ask the task name you are seeing in the search result but not in  Weekplan?

Awaiting your reply. 




to clarify: I am NOT seeing the task in search results. Only evidence that it ever existed is in the Journal. The problem concerns two tasks that i know of:

  • Name: "Problémy vzniklé nedokumentací". Journal entry is on "2020-12-15 12:32" local time.
  • Name: "Kalkulacky na produkci". Journal entry on "2020-12-14 11:44" local time.
Support Team

Hi, could you please provide us steps to reproduce that issue? Is it happening always when you follow these steps?

Kind regards,


Hi, yes. I am now able to reproduce it. It happens always when I do these steps:

  1. Go to "Schedule"
  2. Create task directly to any day (I created task for today). No need to add details. Just title.
  3. Click on the task from tooltip pick arrow (move task to). Pick "Boards", select "Someday".
  4. Now UI looks like the task didn't disappear from the Schedule
  5. Refresh the page (I clear cache also to be sure with Ctrl + F5)
  6. Now the task is bugged exactly how I described. It is no longer in the Schedule, but it isn't in "Someday" either. It cannot be searched for and in Journal there is move entry.


OS: Ubuntu Linux 2020.04 LTS

Browser: Mozilla Firefox 84.0 (64-bit)


May we ask to record the issue as with the given steps we couldn't replicate it. Your patience will be highly appreciated. 

Thank you.  


Hi, unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce the problem now and I believe even when I wrote the "steps to reproduce problem" the tasks didn't actually get lost.

Following steps I described makes other glitches appear:

  • Awkward Journal entry "Task moved 2020-12-30 22:00 to"
  • Lingering entry in Schedule that disappears on refresh - but shows up in Board I moved it to

I have observed those both on Linux (Firefox) and Windows (Firefox). But those are only minor inconveniences.

So the two lost tasks I described at the start are unfortunatelly still lost, but I am not sure how to reproduce the problem. I also checked and the two lost tasks are not present in export csv file.


Thank you for the efforts we are monitoring it. We request you to please recreate those tasks manually as we didn't found these in the backend too. Once again thank you much for checking and giving your efforts. I have added this issue to our list so closing this ticket for now as we couldn't replicate it but monitoring internally.  May we close this ticket for now?

Thank you for understanding. 




Ok, you can close this.

Thank you.

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