Motivational "cute" animals

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Please could you get rid of the feature that makes pop-up windows appear as soon as a weekly goal is marked as completed. I understand you want to promote your app on FB but I could never recommend a product that does this to my friends. (I recommend it to people all the time IRL) Motivational features in form of "cute" animals with wrongly spelt encouragements do not make your app more appealing, and it takes away from the professional sense of it. The same really goes for the green banners appearing every time a tasked is tick. These could be removed as well. Perhaps one could have "motivational features" as an optional? Otherwise: thanks for a great app! Would be hard to leave it but I am sorry to be blunt but it's the cat or me. :)
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Hi Erika, 

I am constantly experimenting with new features to see what users like and don't like.

Looking at the results of this "cat" experiment, it is clear that the feature can be removed without any impact. The feature will be absent in the next deployment.

I will keep the green messages however as I believe they help create a sense of personality in the application without being too unprofessional.
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