Ability to add the same task to multiple days for tasks that take longer than a day

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It would be great if I could drag a task onto multiple days if I know it's a several-day task. For example "Grade papers" can't be done in one day, and it doesn't make sense to write "Grade papers day 1" and "Grade papers day 2". I want to be able to put this task on several days, and then have a special task called "Finish grading papers" on the day I need to be finished.

I almost consider this a bug because having all your tasks in that area down below sort of implies that I can drag them out and put them anywhere. To me, it's sort of "expected behavior". I was really surprised that it seems if I drag a task to multiple days it just moves the task. I hope you'll consider allowing this.
Adding: this also applies to tasks like "Go to the Gym", which is something you'd want to put on multiple days. I'm surprised that the app seems to be designed around tasks that only occur once per week. I don't have very many of those kinds of tasks except for deadlines, and deadlines are not tasks at all! Something like "Work on essay for 2 hours" is often how I think of my tasks, and then I repeat that task for several days.
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You can clone a task by holding CTRL.

1. you move your goal into your week
2. you press CTRL and drag that newly added task to another day
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