Roadmap update?

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As many others here I love the idea, and what you are doing. But I'm feeling that there are too many small bugs, UI-misses, outdated design, year old content etc that I'm considering not investing all the time it takes to build up my new "calendar/planning life" and pay for this service.

Could you update with you roadmap for Q1 and 2 so that me, and others who feel like me, know that it is worth investing the time in Week Plan because we think that all the small things will get fixed eventually 

Web app

I have not got an answer in 2 weeks and my trial period just ended. 
Not feeling that I'm ready to sign up for a yearly plan without knowing more about what I can expect from future development. Anyone who has any news regarding the backlog/roadmap?

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Our sincere apologies for the too late reply.

We have extended your trial for 5 days. 

Our next roadmap for the first quarter is: 

1. Improve mobile apps. 

2. Instant sync 

3. Technology stack Upgrade.

Hope it will help.

Thank you.

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