all tasks are gone

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hi there,

is there everything ok with your database?

all my task are totally gone...

I see just blank week (past and future) in my schedule.

the only thing which is left are the titles of my boards.

hope you fix it SOON.


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Support Team
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Hi, looks like we had high DB load this morning - everything should be fine right now - we are monitoring situation.

Antoni Ruszkowski

many thanks for fast reaction :)


Hi Weekplan, I am having the same issue this morning. Data loading failures on both my phone and on the online version, schedule blank at times, schedule freezing (tasks become blurry and uneditable), tasks randomly jumping between today and tomorrow even though I'm only changing the time of the task (non-repeating).

Support Team

Hi, we are running some maintenance tasks over the weekend so that might be some issues with performance.

Kind regards