Plan of the Week

We’ve added the Plan of the Week section (on the left side of the planner) to keep you focused on your High-Impact Tasks.

In the previous layout, you had to scroll down on the planner to access your HITs. Not only was it time-consuming, it was also misleading.

We found out many users were using the HITs section as a way to group their backlog tasks per role.

So instead of having a small list of HITs per week, they’d have a lot of HITs, and would regularly review them and schedule them.

The Boards section is meant to be used for backlog stuff.

We think the new layout closely matches the First Things First principle of Stephen Covey because now your HITs are always visible, and you only put tasks you believe you can accomplish this week.

To view the settings (add, edit roles and prioritize), just click this button as shown on the photo below

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