Fantastic! Thank you!!!

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I'm a Tibetan Buddhist monk in India, and I LOVE WeekPlan!!!  It suits my modest budget in that I don't have to buy expensive software or subscribe to services to use the FranklinCovey planning method on my computer and mobile devices. 

WeekPlan beats the heck out of iCal for Mac OS, which I detest and abhor seethingly and vehemently.  It works beautifully on my iPhone and iPad, I just added the URL to my home screens!
Namaste :)

That's awesome to hear that a buddhist is using WeekPlan :)

Note: there is a bug on the iPhone that doesn't allow cookies when you add a website on the homescreen. You might have issues with logging in...

Getsulpa Gyälten Sangpo
I responded to your other comment about signing on my iPhone.  I love the simplicity and interface of WeekPlan - being able to drag things from one day to another.  This is very elegant in it's simplicity, practicality and user ability.