Hi! I am Aymeric, the developer behind http://WeekPlan.net.
Here are a few things you can do here:
1. Vote ideas to help me prioritize what to work on next.
2. Suggest improvements that would make WeekPlan.net much better for you. If you are reporting a bug, please also include the link provided by this website: http://www.whatsmybrowser.org/
3. Let me know why you love WeekPlan.net: it gives me a little boost of motivation :)
Thank you for using WeekPlan and thank you for leaving your feedback.
Anonymous 6 years ago • updated by sarahluigi 1 year ago 17
Really great 'all in one' app, thanks. It's nice to tie in tasks with goals, visions etc. A mobile app would be fantastic as at the moment I've just got a page open on my phone. I'd like to have my tasks with me on the move! Thanks.
Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago
Yes I am in the process of trying to find a developer so that I can accelerate the development of WeekPlan. I am hoping to be able to start working on native mobile apps towards the end of this year.
Under review
Sudhir Kesharwani 5 years ago • updated by casewell 3 months ago 36

I find Goal Setting as a great tool to plan your year,  would you be building something for setting objective/goals for the year,  Daily/Monthly/Quaterly goals?

Aymeric (Founder) 6 years ago • updated by kruegerbnu 11 months ago 20
Jeffrey Picel 4 years ago • updated by bobbi 2 months ago 2

It would be cool to be able to drag a text to the right side of the screen and have it go to the first day of the next week (as opposed to say dragging it to and from "Pending" or having to go into the detailed task view)

Under review
Ola Kaczmarek 3 years ago • updated by mrseric95 6 months ago 7
Part of why I need weekplan is to see where I can fit in the things I can do. Without the hours breakdown, the app is much less useful. The time intervals option is not enough, it would be good to see hours, like in a regular calendae as well.
Under review
Michael Maddux 4 years ago • updated by bobbi 5 months ago 3

Since you are already integrating with Google and you have an area within a task to upload files, it would be pretty handy if you allowed users to associate files within Google Drive to their WeekPlan task.

Under review
Lucía Galán 10 months ago • updated 10 months ago 6

Hi! I've got a couple of issues I'd like to comment with you.

  1. For the last couple of weeks my unfinished tasks haven't been automatically moving to the next day.
  2. Even more worryingly, some tasks seem to completely disappear randomly when I refresh the page.
  3. Sometimes when I type in a new task it appears twice.
  4. My phone and my desktop weekplan aren't syncronising automatically - sometimes I have to refresh the page twice, or wait a couple of minutes.


Under review
Anthony Bosschem 5 years ago • updated by bobbi 5 months ago 6
Something I really miss when using weekplan: to achieve my goals or 'big rocks' I take small steps or 'tasks'. Now I can only associate a task with a roll, or use my 'big rocks' as a task. 

I would like an association between tasks & rocks, making it possible to link my small steps (which change on a weekly basis) to my 'big rocks' (which stay the same over multiple weeks).

Is that possible or anywhere on the roadmap?
If you have a different idea on how I can use WeekPlan to achieve the same goal: please let me now.

Thanks a lot for your time and effort you're putting into WeekPlan. Really appreciate it.
Aymeric (Founder) 9 months ago
Hi Anthony,

You used to be able to associate a task to a big rock, but then I removed when I introduced the ability to associate to a role instead.

How would you use the ability to associate your tasks with big rocks? 
ulliJ 2 years ago • updated by tom 2 months ago 11