I need this! It's caused some problems for me.


Hi Lindsay!

We appreciate the suggestion and we will take note of this. If more people requests for the same feature, we will make sure to consider this in our roadmap :)

Have a great day!

This is a popular request, we will implement it at some point.

I just voted for the same idea here: http://support.weekplan.net/topics/582-copy-subtasks-across-all-tasks-in-a-repetition/#. Maybe there are more votes than appears? Looks like it's been a request for a couple of years now. Thanks for making this happen for us Aymeric!


SO DISAPPOINTED when I created a pretty detailed checklist on a recurring task thinking that it would be duplicated later and it wasn't. Frankly, this was a feature I thought was in the software and was a big contributing factor to me considering Weekplan over Todoist. I hope there are plans it implement it soon.