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Delete a Board

kerrdog 1 year ago • updated by Chelsea Skipper 7 months ago 3

How do I delete a Board?

Under review

This is not possible at the moment. We will implement this in the future but we are working on higher priority items at the moment.


Hi Aymeric, I am evaluating different project management tools right now and week plan is one of my favorites. Very promising implementation of project management philosophy and fair pricing. Unfortunately all of my tested tools have cards or boards or tasks you cannot delete. (trello, meistertasks...) So things end up at best somewhere in an archive or recycle bin and stay there forever? I like to keep things tidy and piling stuff up I dont need anymore I try to avoid. Interestingly, the answer of the other portals is quite the same: future planned, working on stuff with higher priority... So I would like to bump a general delete feature for boards as higher priority so I am able to configure my workspace and try stuff and configurations without messing up my workspace too much...

thanks and best regards


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