Feature idea: Search and view all tasks

Dirk Breeuwer 3 years ago • updated by Aymeric (Founder) 1 week ago 7
Hi! Awesome job so far. Here are some ideas that would make Week Plan even more awesome:

  • Task search: Yeah, we can filter tasks right now, but that really doesn't help me if the task I am looking for has been scheduled 4-5-6 weeks from now. 
  • View all tasks: Monday mornings I usually schedule my all tasks... problem is, Monday mornings I am usually not 100% alert and I have found myself sending a task to the incorrect month. When I noticed the task was not in the right week, it took me quite a while to search for it week by week until I finally found it. Viewing all tasks would also give us more control and a better overview than this week by week view. I really liked how it was done in Things by Cultured Code:

    • View all finished tasks: Same idea, it would be nice to see all my finished tasks (and reflect on how awesomely-productive I am). 


Yes, all valid points. I have added them to the list of features to develop someday. 

no this is to have a separate page to see all the tasks that satisfy a specific search. I am planning to work on the user experience of weekplan and part of it will be to improve search.

What's the status on this?