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Richard Lamers 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 8
Hi, Aymeric,
I fall in love with week plan and I would like to plan everything with it. But when I begin to plan a week, I need to know, if there is enough time on this day. For me it is necessary to see all appontments. I think, that switching between weekplan and calendar on my mac or "One Calendar" on my Surface isn´t very comfortabel, is it? Perhaps there could be a workaround with google calendar?
Under review
I am strongly thinking in implementing a "hours breakdown" view like in a classic calendar but I cannot implement it in the short term because I want to complete a series of educational videos first.

In the meantime, you can import your weekplan schedule in any calendar software by using the .ics feed provided in this page: https://app.weekplan.net/#view=WorkspaceSettings
My solution in the meantime is to create a task, make it urgent and important, write it in capital letters, post it at the beginning and write "TERMIN" (german for date). I have also tried a workaround with zapir. But that does not satisfy me. Nevertheless WeekPlan will be my most used tool for planning. Of course I will buy the pro version.
Zapir works now nearly perfect. Just the quadrant doesn´t fit. By the way: I would like to know which quadrant has which number.
Quadrant 1: Important and Urgent
Quadrant 2: Important but not Urgent
Quadrant 3: Not Important but Urgent
Quadrant 4: Not important and not Urgent.

Thank you, Aymeric, if I choose in Zapier a quadrant, the task is added always to quadrant 4. I had a conversation with Zapier. They think, that everything ist fine, but it is not possible that a task is added to another quadrant. Perhaps this helps: https://gist.github.com/bryanhelmig/c6243e6ddd4e0b295f49
My idea is, that I use Google calender and Zapier to add a date in WeekPlus. In order to notice the new date I would like to tag it as important and urgent, Any suggestion, what I should do? Of course this is only a little help until WeekPlan has a calendar-modul. Then it is nearly perfect. In expectation that sometimes my (and othesr) wish is coming true, I am from now on a pro-user.
I see. Could you try to add !1 to the events in Google Calendar and tell me whether it shows as important / urgent in WeekPlan?\

Example: "Remember the milk !1"

i have the feeling the Quadrant field in Zapier is used anymore (I will update)
Your right! If I add "Remember the milk !1" in Google Calender it works fine!