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Really great 'all in one' app, thanks. It's nice to tie in tasks with goals, visions etc. A mobile app would be fantastic as at the moment I've just got a page open on my phone. I'd like to have my tasks with me on the move! Thanks.


Yes I am in the process of trying to find a developer so that I can accelerate the development of WeekPlan. I am hoping to be able to start working on native mobile apps towards the end of this year.

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Ok, it will be available in the next version of the Android app. In the meantime, if you go to https://app.weekplan.net on your android phone, you will now be able to access it.

By the way, do you have any issues with the Android app?

A widget for Android would be fantastic! (I know I have already said that, but it would be reaaally good! :)
Thanks Anderson, I know you would like the widget :) Unfortunately I first need to publish the iphone and pad apps before working on other things. 
Yes I am in the process of trying to find a developer so that I can accelerate the development of WeekPlan. I am hoping to be able to start working on native mobile apps towards the end of this year.
11 months ago. How is it going Aymeric? 

There is already a WeekPlan app on Google Play, but it is not a 5 star app.

I have decided to start the development from scratch. It will be ready within two months.

Sorry to chase but wondered if there was an update on this as its overdue and would be a big factor in me converting to a Pro account when my trial expires
Development is taking longer than I would like. We are in the testing phase and the app still needs stabilizing.
We are within weeks from releasing, ideally one week.
Under review
I have removed it because we are very close to publishing a brand new app. Stay tuned :)
Under review
We are in the final stages of releasing the new Android app. Stay tuned!
Hi Aymeric,
I've been using weekplan for 3 months now and I like it. Btw, I'm a bit confused about the Android App, in March I installed an android app called WeekPlan by Wise Labs (W logo with blue background), it works quite well and I can use it to look at my plan for today and mark it done from my phone. But then there's an update, the logo change into W with black background, the layout is updated and I find it better looking.

But I need to fix my phone and change to another android phone. so I'm trying to find the WeekPlan app but I cannot find it on Google Play. Instead I found Day Plan app (W logo with black background) by Wise Labs so I try to install it. It works but there's no option to login and sync with weekplan.net.

So right now, there're two apps on my old phone, "WeekPlan" and "Day Plan", both are working, but only the "WeekPlan" is connected to my weekplan.net. I'm worried that I won't be able to tick off my lists from my back up phone and has to go to web to update.

Can you explain what's going on actually?

PS: I'm not makin a new issue, because I think my experience and my question is still related to this topic, about WeekPlan.net Android App.
Day Plan was a work in progress.
Week Plan was the old android app.

We replaced Week Plan with the completed Day Plan (which now connects with Weekplan.net) BUT it still had issues.

So until I have decided to remove them from the Play store until I solve the problems.

Hello, please rethink to give all android users a way to get fast in weekplan Account.

Without opening Browser seperately and login there.

There are so many bugs using the desktop version on android. I can't make notes or easily move entries between roles.

So, can I just clarify, the android app on playstore currently just redirects you to the mobile site for the web app? Whilst this is great if you've got wifi or mobile signal, I often haven't got reliable signal when out and about and still really need at least basic functionality at these times if I'm going to use weekplan as I want to. Even if it wasn't fully functioning, an android app that would let me view the day and tick of a task (and preferably add one too) when offline would be better than nothing.

otherwise, the days when I'm not in front of a computer (at least half the week) I'd be better off going back to pen and paper!

sorry to be moaning, I love the desktop app so, so much. That just makes me want it to be everything I need so much more!