Tasks lose their assigned role

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I've noticed tasks lose their assigned role over the last couple of weeks. I believe that I placed them in a role when I created the task but now there is no longer a role assigned. This happens with one task sometimes and at other times with multiple tasks at once.

Is this behavior possibly by design?

Here are some example actions that I believe have lost role assignment.
I haven't seen any problems with this issue recently. Great work!
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Almost all of my tasks have lost their role assignments one by one. Here are some of the most recent tasks that have mysteriously lost their role.
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Rich, are these tasks all from the same role? and was the role a new role?
No, I don't think so. Different roles and the roles are at least months old.
Okay Aymeric. I've been able to duplicate the problem. It just happened to action_6500028 on Aug 14 around 2:46 AM UTC.

What I did is switch to the workspace in which the action was created. I edited the action and set the assigned role. I switched back to my "Just me" workspace and opened up the action for editing again. I changed the date of the action to a day next week and immediately the assigned role disappeared (before closing the edit window).

Hope this helps.
Awesome. That's very helpful! I see why this would happen, we are going to fix the bug very soon (within the week)
The fix is ready, but I am not sure if it made it to the current release. We have another big deployment coming this week and the fix will be in there for sure.

Hello there,

I'm testing the tool and everything works fine except for the role assignment in one task I imported from Google Calendar: it doesn't work but I don't know why. 

Not sure what to do in this case because the role assignment works in the other tasks I imported from Google Calendar.

Hi, Karen!

Thank you for reaching out.

Can you please check if this task is on view - only mode or shared event from your calendar?

Also, what happens when you click on these icons?

For reference, these are the known limitations with the sync for reference:


  • We will lose attendees in google calendar if we change repetitions types (eg. Daily to Weekly) in WeekPlan.
  • Settings and calendar lists are per-user Settings and calendar lists only have one collection per user, so you can subscribe just once.
  • You can't push events to 2 calendars at the same time to avoid duplicates but you can pull from multiple calendars.

Looking forward to your response!