Daily/Monthly/Quaterly Goal Setting tool.

Sudhir Kesharwani 8 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 37

I find Goal Setting as a great tool to plan your year,  would you be building something for setting objective/goals for the year,  Daily/Monthly/Quaterly goals?


Hi Sudhir,

I fear added these would complicate the tool. I have added a Long term goals section in the Envision page. Maybe you could use it as a Monthly / Quaterly goal list?


It would be a great, if we could setup weekly goals ahead. So for example we plan weekly goals for the month

I can see how this could be useful (and how it would complicate the interface a lot).

Perhaps, the envision page needs breaking-down in tabs as it is already a lot for one page. Maybe:

  1. Vision board
  2. Mission / Values
  3. Goals
  4. Achievements

Yes, I think it is time to break the Vision page into sub tabs but at the same time I am conflicted. I think I should focus on improving the planner at the moment and not complexify the app with non-core features. What do you think?
Yes, I think it is time to break the Vision page into sub tabs but at the same time I am conflicted. I think I should focus on improving the planner at the moment and not complexify the app with non-core features. What do you think?
Hi Aymeric,

Sorry for the delay in replying, been thinking about the question.

It is difficult to manage the competing demands of all us customers.  In one sense, we are all a little bit selfish.  We shout load for the features we want but care little about the demands of others (unless they match ours!)

I suggest you give yourself a 2-3 day break (no idea if that is even possible for you) and take time out from the demands to map out the future of the app.  Diagram all the possibilities, all the different routes and try to organise it into a journey to follow.

Obviously, the demands of agile development mean that you cannot plan too far ahead; but it is great to have some sort of journey route mind.

To break into something a bit philosophical, I recently got married and that has afforded me a little more time in life to think about things.  I realised that I had been running around doing stuff never really knowing if I was doing the right things.  Funny, 7 habits are supposed to stop that but I am just a beginner with this; although, making great progress.  The extra time has given me timeadjust and measure some of my activity, even cutting some things.

Anyway, my point is that I can imagine, building this App could get like that; so thought I'd share my thoughts on time-out to journey map.

My direct answer to the question though, is that I probably agree.  The planner is the main feature and the vision page is not core.  The planner is the sell, the better it works, the better the app.

Some of the feature are not obvious; or are actually really good but it takes a while to find them.  I think you need some tutorials or a wiki.  I guess a wiki is better as it releases you from the burden of having to write all the help.  Maybe you could convince some users to do some how-to videos? (or would that get quickly out of date as the app evolves).


Yes, I need better tutorials.

I have decided to break the tutorial into smaller tutorials, but add videos to them. It will help people learn how to use the system.
Under review
A lot of people are voting for this feature, but I feel I don't understand how people would use such a tool.
Could someone share tools, or paper planners they currently use for their middle to long term planning?

As i'm working now I use a note in Evernote as my long-term planner:

My vision
Goal to 3/5 years
  • Objective to 1/2 years - personal
    • My different personal hats
  • Objective to 1/2 years - work
    • My different work hats
Thanks. I am trying to find a way to help people identify their mission statement, values and goals, rather than just allow them to enter them. Once you know your true north, it is a lot easier to be effective.
I am not sure that it's the role of this app to help people work out their 'true north'. To me that's a separate process altogether, and WeekPlan is much more utilitarian (planning and organising my time, while making sure I focus on the important as well as the urgent).

I like that WeekPlan is basically flexible enough to set up however I like it. However, like some others I am struggling with the inability to include longer-term goals and haven't really worked out yet how to do this well. I definitely don't want to just write them on the Vision page - I want to be able to see all the concrete things I need to do to achieve those goals (along with all the mundane stuff) on my daily planner.

I guess most of my longer-term goals could be thought of as 'projects'. An example might be organising a trip overseas in a year's time or upgrading my skills and qualifications ready to move into a new job. They're way too broad, long-term and multifaceted to include as a single task (I could include sub-tasks but then there's not enough flexibility eg. to assign those sub-tasks to different days, repeat them, estimate time or set reminders etc). I could enter all the steps as separate tasks - but I really need some way to tie them all to the longer-term goal and keep them top of my mind even if the tasks themselves aren't next in line. I've tried using tags, but now I'm also using tags for context so it gets a bit muddy. I also tried setting up separate parking lot lists specifically for these projects, but it gets pretty hard to scroll through once you get too many lists, and they tend to get lost.

Maybe a way around this would be to simply make Weekly Goals roll over from one week to the next if not marked as completed'. I would actually love two completion options for Weekly Goals - 'progress made' (in which case it'd be greyed out or whatever, but still roll over) and 'completed' (ie. finished). I would then set up my longer term goals in Weekly Goals, make sure I picked tasks each week which would count as 'progress' towards them, and let them keep rolling over until finally completed. Or if my goals changed I could delete them and choose something else. At the moment I'm really just using the Weekly Goals area as another parking list for things I want to do sometime this week though not any particular day - which seems a wasted opportunity. Thanks
PS - I think my comments are maybe more relevant to the other suggestion about 'associating tasks to big rocks'. Cheers
This is why I am introducing the Outliner extension. It allows people to add lines and notes in a hierarchical manner, and add tasks that can then appear in the week view.

I need to make a video about it because everyone is still confused about it.
Not only confused about it (though yes a video would probably help) - I can't get it to work at all. I can't even figure out how to add text. I'm using Safari
Yes the Outliner was not working with Safari, please try again now...
The Outliner is nice, but it is separate from where you plan your vision, making it hard to do proper long term planning
A fortnightly view would be immensely helpful to me. My life is so busy, I am booked at least a fortnight in advance.
Being able to see my upcoming fortnight and easily arrange tasks over a fortnight on one screen would be extremely helpful.

I am constantly flicking back and forward between this week and next, so having those two on one screen would be a point of excellent difference vs other weekly planners and calendars.

Hi, Jalanda! I understand how important this is for busy people like you. Unfortunately, this is not in the work queue at the moment. But, more votes from our users will surely be considered for future enhancements. :)
I like the Outliner, but it is separate from my vision part.
I would like a functionality like the outliner, but in the vision part. Especially something that allows to create a yearly / quarterly / monthly vision.

The 7 habits outlook extension was very good for that. I would use it if it would be online and integrated with other tools.
Would you be able to show me a screenshot of the 7 habits outlook extension you are talking about?

I am thinking of removing the envision module and replace it fully with Outline, prepopulated with the same section as Envision. What do you think?
I was thinking of something similar to a daily/weekly/monthly goal tool. Something similar to Any.do's "Moment" feature. Basically I suggest on a set interval (say first time you login after 9am) the app takes the user through the process of:
1.) Review weekly goals that are uncompleted and choose if any of them are going to be tasks due today (i.e. move from goal to task).
2.) Review "Pending" items or items in the parking lot and allow the user to move any of those to a task due today as well.

I know many people, myself included, have a massive list of "pending items" so it would have to be a user setting if the app goes through just one or both of the items above.

I know I would appreciate being reminded to take time to plan my day based on my weekly (big rocks) goals and I like to check 1-2 things of my "massive pending list" daily to hopefully get it under control one day.


ADDITION: I see that you guys use some crazy JSON type URL requests. It would be nice to be able to link to certain things (specifically, day/quadrant view) so I have it always open in the bottom right corner of my screen. With an easy link I can write a Cron to open today's list every morning when I log in.
Hi there,

Yes the routing is not the cleanest but it makes our code a lot simpler :)

I am thinking of introducing a "Review" module that will allow you to go through each role, see uncompleted goals, and uncompleted tasks (from week and parking lot) and add more goals.

I really like the idea of being able to review each role and think through the goals for that role. What about using GTD's elevation model to start big and drill down so that you can view the highest elevation or get into the micro tasks on any one goal?

Also want to second the helpfulness of being able to assign goals to a future week, pinning them, or setting them to repeat and tracking progress over time without calling it procrastinating.

> What about using GTD's elevation model to start big and drill down so that you can view the highest elevation

Do you know of any todo app that does this well? I'd like to see how they did it.

Hello Aymeric,

The best todo app that does this, for me, is FacileThings. You can also take a look at My Life Organized

I like how FacileThings tries to coach the users into a certain methodology rather than trying to be a todo app for everyone. This is something I'd like to do more with weekplan. Thanks Alexandre.

My Life Organized is way too "busy" for my liking.

Hello Aymeric,

Weekplan could really benefit from something like FacileThings, and the Perspectives tab is a great elevation model

Interesting programs, Alexandre. Thanks for sharing!

Aymeric, I agree My Life Organized is really busy and FacileThings is a little too business-like for personal goals and dreams. But FacileThings does have some nice features that work well for implementing GTD on different levels.

I want to make sure to give you positive feedback as well on things I hope you will keep. I love the white space with color accents that you are using. To add to that, the reason I really love weekplan.net is the basis in 7 Habits but opening it up to make it compatible with GTD. The piece I am trying to figure out how to add for myself within the current structure has to do with recurring task lists that might happen on a weekly basis or long-term projects. I'd be interested in a tutorial on how you do this within weekplan.

We are looking at allowing subtasks in repeating tasks, that will solve your use case.

Guys, longer term goal setting has always been a highly requested feature, but for a long time, I didn't quite know how to integrate it elegantly with WEEK PLAN.

We had a breakthrough recently and have implemented the first iteration of it. You can find a sneak peek of the upcoming Goals page here: http://weekplan.net/sneak-peek-quarter-goals-and-big-rocks-planning/

Please let me know what you think!

Any updated on when the new quarterly goals tool will be released? Very much looking forward to it.


It is available today if you use the new version: https://next.weekplan.net

In the top left menu, you will find the "Goals" module.

Sorry, I'm not seeing it in the top left menu (it says version 2.46, Team, Schedule, Team Settings).

Is it only available for Ultimate users? (I'm currently only a Pro subscriber)

Yes it is a premium feature but the UI doesn't allow you to pick it at the moment. I have added it to your account manually so that you can test it.


Looking at next.weekplan.net and trying the goals option - conceptually this I think is very powerful. However what I don't understand is why I can't create a goal that has a target start and end date. 

I started to use it at the end of the last quarter - I think there were 2 days to go. I created a goal - now it seems to have gone with the displayed quarter rolling over. Is it intended that I have to have my goals aligned to the apps quarters?

I guess I was envisaging the display to be like a gantt chart. What is the intention?