Cannot edit tasks

Victoria Chen il y a 5 ans mis à jour par Aymeric (Founder) il y a 5 ans 5
Hi Aymeric,

First of all, thanks for the app. It's exactly what I need!
Anyway, here's the bug.

Desired Outcome
* clicks on existing task in daily task list
* edit task menu appears

Bug Description
* clicks on existing task in daily task list
* "add new task" box gets highlighted 
* refresh browser
* clicks on existing task again
* edit task menu appears 

The bug happens on and off, is usually fixed temporarily by browser refresh. 

Browser Information
http://whatsmybrowser.org/b/CH8BDIO Chrome 41


À l'étude
I have seen this issue myself but I cannot reproduce it. I think it is related to the type of tasks (either a new task or recurring task, etc...).

Please let me know if you find how to reproduce this issue consistently.

Thanks for the great bug report :)
I get this one frequently, too, most often in the parking lot - not with new or recurring tasks. I have noticed that every time this bug has happened, it's been one of the items near the top of the list - in the top 2 positions. I'm wondering if somehow the top edit buttons are showing up in the field where a new task would be entered, and perhaps creating the bug? Once an item is bugged, even when it's dragged around in the same column, it stays bugged. When I move a bugged item to another parking lot column, it is bugged, but then when I go to change its position in that column, it just disappears altogether. I have lost many a parking lot task this way.
OK, I figured out how to reproduce this about 50% of the time! I can only get it to happen in the parking lot. (The forced refresh when reordering items in the daily task list seems to prevent it there.) What's happening is when an item gets dragged underneath the open task menu, it bugs out. So open up the task menu in a parking lot list as if you were going to add a new task, but then take a task on the list appearing below the open menu, and drag it into one of the spaces covered by the menu. It's now bugged. What's weird is there are some parking lot lists where I can't get it to happen, and once I've bugged a few items in a particular list, no more will bug (but the ones already bugged remain bugged). Sometimes the bugged items will just disappear spontaneously. Sometimes they reappear after a refresh - but not always.
Thanks Jacquelyn.

I have made some changes that should fix this issue. Please let me know if you see the behaviour still.