I want to be able to set recurring/repeating tasks

Aymeric (Founder) 8 years ago updated by Baylato Byron Bay 1 year ago 21
"I think there should be a limited number of choices like in Google Calendar: every day; every weekday; weekends only; or one day a week. "


DEPLOYED! Finally it took a while to get this one done.
I am glad we have a first version of it, I might come back to it to improve it later.
This really is a must for me. I used weekplan for a few weeks and really liked it. Unfortunately I had to move back to RTM as their recurring tasks feature saved me so much time.
I am planning to add that soon, stay tuned :)
DEPLOYED! Finally it took a while to get this one done.
I am glad we have a first version of it, I might come back to it to improve it later.
One issue: It recurs on the day of the week it was completed instead of the day of the week it was created. I have tasks that I have to get done every week, and therefore go on my Monday task list. However, it sometimes takes me until Wednesday to get it done, so I move it from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday. On the following week, it now sits on Wednesday, not Monday.
I now this is the definition of a MINOR inconvenience. After all, all I have to do is click and drag the task on the new week to Monday from Wednesday and, poof, I'm done. But it's one of those things that people who look for things to complain about would complain about, so I figured I'd be a good BETA tester and sound off about it.
One other possible solution: Make Weekly Goals able to recur just like tasks.
Other than that, really like the app. Much better than GQueues, which is what I had been using.
Thanks Will. 
The way the recurring tasks work is that if you change the date of task, it will change the date of all the future occurrences. Recurring tasks are actually quite hard to get right for everyone, everyone has a different idea on how it should work. I think WEEK PLAN should do a better job at explaining what to expect when using the recurring tasks.
I will add that in my looooooooooooong todo list (in WEEK PLAN of course :))
It's a great app. I was referred to it by someone else in my office and we're both using it right now. It's simplicity is what makes it so great.
I've noticed there are a lot of comments from people who keep asking for a lot of features, including a bunch to integrate the app with Google Calendar. In particular there's one person who posts anonymously who seems to want a lot of features added. I think they're looking for a different product all together. I hope you'll ignore a lot of their suggestions and keep this app super simple. Like I said, it's the app's greatest strength.
Thanks Will. I know that I have to find the right balance between adding more features to appeal to more people and stay true to the elegance and simplicity of the app.
I would like to live off WEEK PLAN to be able to focos more on it and for that, I need to charge for WEEK PLAN. So adding "premium" features is how I can get closer to my goal. 
Well, I think we'd be happy to pay for a couple of premium features. I actually signed up for the trial version of the premium so I could get the recurring tasks. I'd be more than happy to pay $5 to $15/month as long as I felt like the features were worth the extra $.
This is great feedback.
What features would you consider worth the extra $? I thought people would be interested in the ability to work with other people on the same week plan but very few people used the feature when I enabled it for beta users.
So I am now delaying the pro plan to add Google Tasks synchronization in there as it is a popular request.

I like WIll's ideas. I too prefer the repetition to be based on the original scheduled day and not based when it was completed. It looks like that only the repeat weekly option is currently available, I am looking forward for more options.

Thanks for your work.

Am I correct in saying your implementation of recurring tasks only allows a frequency of 'weekly'? 

Yes at the moment, you can repeat tasks weekly only.

I'll be back when you add more usable intervals. I don't expect it to be like RTM but weekly only has limited use for me.

Best of luck.


Yes at the moment, you can repeat tasks weekly only.

Is this still the case? it would be great to be able to change the frequency on these repeating tasks?
Yes you can change it: http://gyazo.com/bc4eb8299433758186c274945f7d7150


I have a daily recurring task which will end at a particular date - but the 'Until' box does not specify the variable I can put in there. I initially put in the date, but that didn't change the recurring task, and it continued on my calendar past that date. Then I put in the number of days it will be lasting, but again it hasn't changed and the task is continuing past the end date. So what exactly am I supposed to put into 'Until' and how can I stop the task from recurring past a certain date?




I have been having issues with the app. Everytime that I write a task , the number 1! adds next to it and the more I move it or I do to that task the more the number keeps adding next to it:

 for example---pay phone 1!1!1!1!1!

Also when I move task from one day to another or from important to none important it moves back to where it was before.  Sometimes I have to repeat this 3-4 times..help please!! It's getting very frustrating and time consuming 🙏


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

May we request for a screenshot of the error message you are getting when editing a task? 

Also, please advise which browser you are using with the web app when you encountered these errors.

Thank you for your patience. We'll wait for your response.


I have updated to the latest version and it doesn't work anymore on my phone. 

The main task page is blank and whatever buttons I press it says your account hast been upgraded and it freezers on that page.

Any help?