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copy unclompleted goals does not work

bruno 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 16

the copy button does not work. I mean, i can push it, but all my old tasks are not visible. Now i upgradet to pro version. But also the same. Around 4 weeks a go, I had importend tasks, but now they are in the nirvana?!
Thanks for helping!
By the way: It is the same probleme on android like weblogin with webbrowser mac.

thanks for your support, i see all goals now :-)
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Thanks for reporting this to us, Bruno. Can you please provide the link provided on this website for our further review?
But you dont see any goals of the week :-(
Bruno, what email address do you use to log in to weekplan, it doesn't seem to be your @hotmail.com one. (please send me a private message with your weekplan email address)
I dont find out how to write here a private message. Pls explaine me. As first i used brunoaregger@hotmail.com
But later I changed to bruno.aregger@apple-tree.com
I just tried to copy the goals on week 2015-6-9 from previous week and it seems to have worked.

Please note that it only looks at the previous week.

What is the week of the screenshot?
from this week. Maybe it is the problem, because I have more than 1 week between my lost goals and the week now?
Please: Do you can publish my old goals? Is this the problem, when I 1 week do not copy the goals, then they are in the nirvana?
I have copied your goals by clicking the copy button in all previous weeks until today.
great, it works!
Question: If I go to holliday, and miss to copy the goals for 1 or 2 weeks, how gan I copy then the previous goals? I mean for the case in future...
You need to go in the previous weeks, and press the "Copy" button
Apologies for the confusion, Bruno. Please provide the link provided on this website, http://www.whatsmybrowser.org/
and the same with my mobile phone (samsung)