I want to be able to unarchive a role that I accidentally archived

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I am sorry, you cannot access archived roles at the moment. This is a feature that will come in the future.
I am sorry, you cannot access archived roles at the moment. This is a feature that will come in the future.

Yeap, would be useful.

But first of all please change color of "archive" button! It is much more visible than save button which caused me to archive few roles by accident.

Hello Ania,

Following your suggestion, I will change the color of the Save button to Green.

Thanks for anwer:) Not sure if green-red mix is the best option.

In general,  more common task should be emphasised/coloured and other one should be less visible (i.e.gray). So in my opinon rather green-gray combination than green-red.

Btw, the same is for example with editing task where "Delete" is much more easy to notice than "Save task" :/

In general UI needs some improvements :)

Thanks Ania, I am always open to design tweak suggestions. Do you have any other?

(I will probably change the colors on Friday).

Right now the most "annoying" part are these small buttons next to role and task. Kind of difficult to click.

Next to task you have "demote to someday" and "edit". Why can't it be together as both open some small modal windows? You could click "edit" and have there current options + option to move it somewhere. It's the same number of clicks for an action... and you don't have to try to click the correct small icon :)

Also idea that you can adjust names of lists is great but why next to "Pending" is alsways this "blocked"? I would love to rename this list for "Someday" (or something else but other than blocked). In general I treat this place as a space for all tasks left.  At the beginning of the week I  drop everything there and then I try to sort it for different days of the week.

Btw, is there any way to assigning role to task while adding it, without need to edit it later?

PS. Just saw new redesign layout. Love it! Much more clear...so I guess almost all the issues I just mentioned will be solved in new design :)


Ania, you rock :)

1. Yes, my next step after launching the paid plan (coming next week) is to launch native mobile apps. In the process, I will make WEEK PLAN touch friendly (bigger icons).

2. I like your idea of merging both actions in the same window. I will probably implement between two big tasks as an easy win :)

3. I nerver thought people would use the Pending list differently but now that you tell me it is your "Remaining task bucket", it makes sense. I will allow users to rename the pending list however they want (and remove the 'blocked" subtitle).

4. Assigning a task to a role without editing. This has been bugging me for a long time too but I can't find a good way of doing it. Any suggestion?

Ad. 2 In general there could be easy selection (drop-down) with Monday-Sunday + your  additional lists names. This would allow also moving "up" from one of Sunday lists to selected day and not necessary only today like it is right now.

Ad. 4. I guess something like assigning quadrants right now with typing 2! 3! etc.

Btw, some hints somewhere would be great. I had to check FAQ to find it. 

Do you know http://doit.im ? They have it solved really nicely. See the hint sign (?) next to input field or just try typing @,#.! or ^.

In general I like apps where you don't have to click a lot and can use keyboard more. It is especially important if you use it everyday :)

4. I don't think the 2! 3! etc... is good for new users. I am hoping to find a better way to allow user to define the quadrant and the role both via keyboard / mouse / finger.

I will check out doit.im.

Yes I like the way doit.im does it!

Yeap, it's nice :) You don't have to remember whole names of the roles and can use arrows to select correct one.

I guess as in team version of weekly planer "roles" are usually people, so sign "@" might be good symbol to select these roles. You could always add small button with @ symbol next to input field for people who prefer using mouse :)


Yes the @ symbol sounds good. I found how to do it technically, I just need time to implement among all the other things that need to be done :)

Regarding new design, are you talking about the one I shared on twitter?

Yes, that one :) Looks really nice & clear. Filtering is moved from roles to separate place  and editing roles is nicely separated from adding items under it - so problem with small icons next to each other is solved.

The problem of this redesign is that it uses a dark theme and I am worried that it will shock people who have been used to the light theme of weekplan.

There is always option to make two themes - dark & light and let user choose which they prefer in account settings or with some small button somewhere.

This design is really easy to change for  the light version :)

Btw, one more small issue I found - no way to choose default workspace. I created new one and now it is my default one and I cannot change that.


WEEK PLAN simply remembers the last workspace you have visited. If you come back to your normal workspace, it will mark it as default again.

Thanks :) I thought I tried it yesterday and it was not working. Guess I might have more than one tab with WEEK PLAN open :)