Best way to add Projects?

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I'm just starting to use Week Plan.

I have different workspaces set up for Family, Work, etc.

For each workspace, I have different roles (eg. Work: QC, Research, etc.)

Each role has multiple objectives. First question: How do I relate my objectives to a role? It's important for my job performance to track each objective based on role.

I will have many projects that each contribute towards an objective. What is the best way to set up projects? I see a few options:

1. Use a task as the project and subtasks as the tasks. I don't like this approach much though and I don't think Week Plan will end up tracking progress based on subtasks. I may not be correct though. I've not used it enough yet to know.

2. Make a Board for each project and place the tasks on the various lists on the board (to track task status). 

3. I've seen in this forum that projects are to be created as Lists. If I do this, however, then how do I track the status of each task (such as Todo, Doing, Done)?

I am leaning towards creating a Board for each project, but before I go too deep I wanted to ask how the app is intended to work with Projects (because that is not obvious). But I don't see a way to associate a Board with an Objective and/or Role and I'd hate to have to just mark each task every time.


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Hi there,

I hope this message finds you well. I sincerely apologize for the delayed response; unfortunately, I experienced an unexpected emergency that required my immediate attention.

Welcome to Week Plan! It's great to see you exploring the features for different workspaces and roles. Managing objectives and projects efficiently is key to maximizing productivity. Week plan is flexible and you can customize it according to your needs but let me share some of my thoughts on how you can set things up effectively:

Relating Objectives to Roles:

In the Week Plan, I'd like to clarify that while you can't directly assign a role to an objective, you can assign roles to the High Impact Tasks (HITs) associated with an objective. When creating or editing an objective, you should have the option to select the HITs related to that objective and assign roles accordingly. This way, you can track each objective based on its associated roles, supporting your job performance tracking needs.

Setting Up Projects:

You have a few options for managing projects:

  1. Tasks and Subtasks:

    • You can use tasks as projects and break them down into subtasks. While this is a straightforward approach, it might not provide the detailed progress tracking you're looking for.
  2. Boards for Each Project:

    • Creating a board for each project allows you to have a visual representation of tasks and their status (Todo, Doing, Done). This can be an effective way to manage multiple tasks contributing to a project.

Additionally, you can use a workspace as a project to further organize and manage your tasks effectively.

Associating Boards with Objectives and Roles:

While Week Plan may not have a direct feature to associate boards with objectives or roles, you can maintain this association through clear naming conventions. For instance, include the role or objective name in the board title for easy reference.

Before committing to a specific approach, consider experimenting with a small project to see which method aligns best with your workflow and preferences.

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions or need additional guidance. We're here to help you make the most out of Week Plan!

Apologies again for the delay and happy planning!



Week Plan Support Team